Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

Do you wish for a perfect smile and a natural look of your teeth? - Than you are a candidate for non metal crowns!

Nowadays, modern aesthetic dentistry can’t be imagined without non metal ceramic crowns as a way of treatment in rehabilitation of your smile. Development of ceramic materials provided a significant shift forward in prosthetic care, especially concerning aesthetics.

In their core the non metal crowns don’t have the metal which is black in color, which allows for the crowns to be transparent similar to the natural teeth and to have maximal aesthetic effect. In cooperation with our experienced team of dental technicians we are able to make your prosthetics using the advanced CAD-CAM technology. It includes fully computerized, fast and accurate preparation cycle.

Wish your fixed tooth looked like a real one? Your wish is granted!

Here in Slodent we don’t use black fillings because of their bad aesthetics and biomechanical properties. Thanks to the development of building materials we are able to provide a natural look to a fixed tooth using layered stacking technique.

By modeling specific tooth shapes, your sealed tooth will look the same as your healthy one.

Is there anything more perfect than a white filling? The answer is: Yes – inlays!

If the tooth is damaged to a greater extent, by caries or existing inadequate black (amalgam) or white (composite) fillings, the inlay can be a ideal solution. In modern dentistry, inlays represent a step forward compared to white fillings. The advantages are the precise fabrication and sealing of these fees. Aesthetic quality is higher and the lifetime is significantly longer than the fillings. The process of preparation of your teeth is minimally invasive and painless. Depending on the indication, inlays can be made of ceramics or composites.

For further information about inlay therapy, our team of experts is at your disposal, and will recommend a special treatment plan after a free checkup.

Frequently asked question: Is teeth whitening safe? - The answer is: Yes!

In the whitening process we are using neutral pH compositions with a controlled percentage of active chemical substances that even contribute to the prevention of caries. An attractive smile and pearly white teeth (Hollywood smile) used to be the privilege of only selected "VIPs". Today, in a safe and affordable way even you can enjoy the smile you've always wanted.

In our dental center we use a reputable Opalescence (Ultradent Products Inc.) system for teeth whitening. There are two methods:

Clinical whitening which is carried out at our dental center and

Home whitening which is implemented by the patient, after receiving instructions.

It is very important that the whole process is conducted under the supervision of a dentist.

Have you ever wondered why most celebrities have a perfect smile? Ceramic veneers may be the answer to your question!

In biological terms, veneer therapy is a minimally invasive method that removes only a thin surface layer of the tooth, often without the need for anesthesia. The loss of healthy tooth substance is very small, and the outcome of therapy in aesthetic and functional terms maximum.

A special feature is that the patient can study the model to see the future shape of their teeth, as they would have no concerns for the treatment of veneers.

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Why choose the Slodent Dental Centar? There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all! Using modern technology and advanced materials we provide precise, quick and painless dental treatment. In our Center we use materials of worlds leading manufacturers in dentistry. If you wish to find out more visit us in our office in Banovo Brdo.