Dental implants

Dental implants

The dental implant mimics the tooth’s root and it usually comes in a form of a screw. It is made out of highly purified titanium and its alloys. This material is fully bioinert, which means that your body does not recognize it as a foreign body. Therefore there is no possibility of its rejection or an allergic reaction.

Indications for the implantation are, as noted above, the lack of one or several teeth or a complete tooth loss. Also, patients with dentures that are loose and fall of, are the perfect candidates for "mini" implants that will hold the dentures in place.

The basic precondition for the success of this therapy is sufficient amount of bone at the area designated for implantation. In our Dental Center we apply special techniques for tooth extraction, with minimal pain and maximum preservation of the surrounding bone, because we believe that the place of each extracted tooth is a potential implantation site. Within the preimplantation preparation, wounds are packed with biomaterial after the tooth is pulled out. This allows the preservation of the bone dimensions. If, on the basis of radiographic analysis we, determine that the bone dimensions are insufficient for implants, our expert team will implement compensation techniques (augmentation) on the bone with modern biomaterials, followed by implantation.

Unfortunately, there are certain chronic diseases and conditions for which the therapy is contraindicated implants. These contraindications may be absolute or relative that is, those in which t the implantation is possible to a certain extent.

  • smoking (more than 10 cigarettes per day);
  • drugs affecting bone metabolism (biophosphonates);
  • untreated or poorly controlled diabetes mellitus;
  • a decreased immune capacity of an organism caused by the disease or drugs;
  • recent myocardial infarction;
  • generalized secondary osteoporosis;
  • radiotherapy in progress
  • poor oral hygiene;
  • para-functional (bruxism, grinding of teeth);
  • insufficient edentulous ridge (bone) volume;
  • unfavorable jaw relationships;
  • acute conditions caused by bacterial, viral or fungal infection.


  • Detailed information regarding the treatment methods, materials and implanting system will be received upon the completion of a free examination and radiographic analysis that is done with each patient.

You will be trained and motivated for proper oral hygiene, which is of utmost importance for the success of the therapy and prevention of infections of the bone around the implant (periimplantitis);

Smoking - Reduce the number of cigarettes per day to less than 10!;

If suffering from a chronic illness we will consult with the attending physician in order to better prepare for surgery.

Following implantation, the postoperative course was the same as the lighter-oral surgical procedures. You will receive advice on the required medical therapy and behavior after the intervention with a written report.

It takes a certain period of time for a stable attachment of the implant to the surrounding bone. The length of this period depends on many factors, but the most common is about 2 months and during that time we don’t burden ourselves with implant dentures.

There are implants that, thanks to their design and advanced surface, can be loaded immediately after installation, so that the patient receives a temporary prosthetic restoration in the same visit. This protocol is particularly suitable for patients who have limited time that can be used for therapy.

Following the radiographic verification that the implant was successfully integrated into the surrounding bone, the 'discovery' phase of the implant and placing caps forming the gum around the future restoration occurs. This phase lasts up to 15 days, after which an impression is taken and a draft is made for the definitive dentures.

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