Oral surgery

Oral surgery

Here in Slodent we have a long and successful practice of diagnosing and surgical treatment of pathologies and disorders of teeth, bone and soft tissue of the oral cavity, as well as plastic reconstructive surgery. The postoperative course implies adequate hygienic-dietary regime, as well as drug therapy (e.g., analgesics, antibiotics). After the intervention you will receive all necessary instructions with a written report. What we can boast about the most here in Slodent Dental Center is that all oral surgeries are performed in a separate modern equipped surgical ward which meets the highest standards. Operations are carried out under local anesthesia and are completely painless. If there is any indications, the intervention can be implemented in analgo-sedation. Any additional information can be found by scheduling free consultations.

  • tooth extractions (routine and operational)
  • operational extraction of impacted teeth;
  • resection of the top of the root;
  • enucleation of the cyst;
  • plastic maxillary sinus
  • alveoloplastia
  • frenectomy
  • gingivectomy;
  • odontogenic infection therapy;
  • treatment of benign bone and soft tissue tumors and others.

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Why choose the Slodent Dental Centar? There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all! Using modern technology and advanced materials we provide precise, quick and painless dental treatment. In our Center we use materials of worlds leading manufacturers in dentistry. If you wish to find out more visit us in our office in Banovo Brdo.