Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontia is a branch of dentistry that deals with diagnosis and correction of an improper position of teeth and jaw. The goal of orthodontic therapy is to establish a harmonic skeletal and dentoalveolar ratio of the jaw complex and improve the function and aesthetics of the teeth and face.

Diagnosis and the treatment of aesthetic and functional anomalies of teeth and jaw is done by a specialist - orthodontist. A detailed analysis of each individual patient and an adequate treatment plan is required for the success of orthodontic therapy.

Orthodontic therapy involves the use of removable and fixed orthodontic appliances that forcefully move teeth to the proper position. The choice and type of appliances depends on the diagnosis and age of the patient.

Removable orthodontic appliances can be removed from mouth and re-inserted during therapy. They are applied in the period of growth and development, most often between the age of 7 and 11.

Fixed orthodontic appliances (fixed braces) are placed on the teeth and not removed until the end of the prescribed therapy (1-2 years). Locks that are attached to the teeth can be: metal or aesthetic (plastic or ceramic). The teeth need to be healthy or dentally treated in order to initiate therapy, with the maximum level of oral hygiene. Upon completion of therapy, it is necessary to stabilize teeth with appropriate foils or retainers.

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