Periodontal diseases

Periodontal diseases

Periodontal diseases have a strong presence in modern society, and are expressed in the supporting tissues of the teeth, whose function is to hold the teeth in the jaw.

The first symptoms that can make you think about that there is something wrong with your gums are redness, bleeding when brushing your teeth, bad breath and so on. This certainly is the initial stage of periodontal diseases, but also the right time to consult with your dentist about the adequate therapy.

Otherwise, destructive processes in periodontal disease continue later leading to loosening of the teeth, and finally their complete loss.


After thorough clinical and radiographic examination, our team will propose the adequate treatment, which will provide the desired result. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and perform oral hygiene measures in a way that you will be trained in our dental center. Treatment of periodontal disease, depending on the stage of the disease, can be conservative and surgical. It is important to emphasize that the therapy with the use of local anesthesia in both approaches is PAINLESS.

  • Conservative treatment should have a regular cleaning of dental plaque and the removal of soft plaque from teeth (every 6 months), followed by periodontal pocket curettage special instruments eluting appropriate medications;
  • Surgical treatment is administered when the disease is well advanced and the conservative approach can not give a desired result. In this case, the surgical approach to the periodontal pocket, while being watched, removes all abnormal content from it. Further, for the purpose of tissue regeneration in the resulting defect is set corresponding regenerative materials aimed at enhancing the production of new elements the tooth supporting apparatus, which contributes to its fixing and a longer survival in the jaw.

To stabilize the results, it is often necessary to treat the teeth using braces, as it would prevent their further movement during chewing.

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